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Garmin GPSMAP 750, Garmin GPSMAP 750s

Product Codes: GAR750 and GAR750S

The standalone Garmin GPSMAP 750 chartplotter features a 7-inch display and comes preloaded with marine charts of UK and Ireland and worldwide basemap. There are two models of the GPSMAP 750, these are the 750 and 750s. The 750s includes a Sounder that requires a transducer (sold separately) which can define depth contours, show fish passing by and measure depth of objects in the water.

GPSMAP 750 features touchscreen with multitouch. The screen is easy to read in direct, bright sunlight and the processor is fast allowing for quick panning and zooming. It is also easy to change your course and review information relating to your nautical route.



Garmin GPSMAP 750 and 750s has been discontinued.

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Although both models have been discontinued, we still sell accessories for both the GPSMAP 750 and GPSMAP 750s. In addition you can buy the latest marine g3 BlueCharts.

The Garmin GPSMAP 750 and 750s are standalone GPS chartplotters. The 750 features a large multitouch 7-inch touchscreen display. It has been designed to be rugged and waterproof to IPX7 standards to be operated in all conditions and situations. The 750 GPS system includes marine charts for UK and Ireland and also comes preloaded with a worldwide basemap. It also features a built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver.

The GPSMAP 750 makes it easy to plot your route on screen. It is simple to change your course and review information relating to your plotted journey. There are even flexible brightness levels making it daytime readable and it also offers low-light dimming for night time use. Full NMEA 2000 connectivity is offered for engine, fuel, wind, VHF, autopilot and other data monitoring.

Also featuring a built-in radar port the GPSMAP 750 can be used with GMR marine radar systems. The radar benefits from a plug and play installation.

The GPSMAP 750 / 750s can store 3,000 waypoints, 100 routes, 20,000 points of interest or 50 saved tracks.

The GPSMAP 750s version includes a sounder. The sounder enables the chartplotter to define the depth of the water, define where fish are and find objects underwater up to 610 metres (2000 feet) below the waters surface. However, for the sounder to function you'll need to separately buy a transducer. There are three types of transducers available. The specific one to buy depends on type of vessel/boat/rib and where or how you'd like to mount the transducer. The three are:

‣Transom Mount - for outboard powered boats and fits to the transom of the boat.
‣In-hull mount - for non-outboard powered boats for only single skin fibre glass boats.
‣Through-hull mount - for non-outboard powered boats. Ideal for wooden, steel boats, etc.

To find the perfect transducer to partner your Garmin GPSMAP 750 and your boat please complete our online transducer form. Alternatively, if you know which transducer your require (we do however recommend that you complete our online form to find the perfect transducer) you can view the comprehensive range of transducers available buy from ActiveGPS. Pictured below, transom mounted transducer, thru-hull transducer and in-hull transducer.

The 750s model also features a split screen displaying sonar and satellite navigation. The 750s also features a temperature log and graph with the included water temperature sensor.

3-D view of the surrounding area both above and below the waterline.The GPSMAP 750 and 750s come as standard with Garmin g2 BlueCharts for the waters around the whole of UK and Ireland. Additional BlueCharts e.g. Bay of Biscay and Mediterranean coast of Spain are also available on SD/microSD Card.

The very best charts are BlueChart g3 Vision SD cards. These premium charts include: MarinerEye - keep an eye on 3D information above the waterline, FishEye - provides 3D information below the waterline. Furthermore high-resolution aerial images help you to identify where you should be traveling when you are unfamiliar with the layout of the waterways. There is an Auto Guidance feature that provides a route you can follow which avoids shallow water, buoys and other obstacles.

Garmin GPSMAP 750 Features

‣7-inch LED-lit WVGA touchscreen with multitouch
‣Preloaded worldwide basemap
‣Preloaded Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland
‣Streamlined user interface makes it simple to select modes and features
‣Excellent visibility in bright sunlight
‣Fast processor for rapid zooming, panning and updating the image
‣Built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver
‣NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000
‣Radar compatibility
‣Waterproof to IPX7
‣Cleaner installation thanks to the newly designed bail mount with cable management capabilities
‣SD card slot allows upgrade to BlueChart g3 cartography
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee

Sounder functions - GPSMAP 750s model ONLY

‣Sounder output: up to 1,000 W (RMS), 8,000 W (PTP), with 1kW transducer
‣Depth: 600metre (with dual frequency, 1kW transducer)
‣UltraSroll: rapid sounder image updating
‣See-Thru technology: shows strong and weak returns simultaneously
‣Graphic logging of water temperature
‣A-scope (real time window)
‣Split-screen zoom for a close-up view of fish and the bottom

Chart Coverage

Garmin GPSMAP 750 and 750s marine chartplotters are preloaded with Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland.

Coverage of Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland chart

Coverage of Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland chart

The chart (pictured above) features detailed marine cartography coverage of the British Isles in their entirety, including the Thames Estuary, Caledonian Canal, Outer Hebrides, Shetland and Orkney Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, and the Irish Sea.

Coverage across the English Channel from Douarnenez, France to Emden, Germany, including the Channel Islands, and the Seine River to Rouen, France Detailed coverage includes Antwerp, Belgium, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the Ijsselmeer in full. Read more information about Garmin g3 marine Bluecharts.

In future years you can purchase a marine BlueChart g3 update SD card to update the preloaded UK and Ireland charts on the Garmin GPSMAP 750/750s.

What's in the box? (when purchased from

‣Garmin GPSMAP 750/750s
‣Preloaded Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland
‣Top and bottom snap covers
‣Bail mount with built-in cable management
‣Flush mount gasket and hardware
‣Threaded power/data cable
‣Protective cover
‣Owner's Manual

Garmin GPSMAP 750 Accessories

Looking for Garmin GPSMAP 750 or GPSMAP 750s accessories? Accessories available to purchase include 7-inch protective cover and bail mount with knobs. If you'd like to add a transducer to your GPSMAP 750s please see this page.

View all Garmin GPSMAP 750/750s accessories

Garmin GPSMAP 750 Charts

Add Garmin BlueChart g3 marine charts to your Garmin GPSMAP 750/750s, view the different Garmin g3 Bluecharts you can buy from ActiveGPS.

Garmin GPSMAP 750 Questions and Answers

Question: I have a Garmin GPSMAP 750s chartplotter for my boat. I have been told by another skipper, that I can plug in another monitor into the GPSMAP 750s and have charts on one screen and sonar on another screen, when in combination mode. If this is correct what kind of monitor do I use does it have to be a Garman, and where to purchase such a monitor, can you help me?

Answer: I think you have been given wrong information. The Garmin GPSMAP 750S was a standalone unit with no capability for adding another display.

Compatible and genuine accessories for the Garmin GPMAP 750s can be viewed and purchased online here.

Do you have a question about the Garmin GPSMAP 750? Submit your question via our contact page.

Garmin GPSMAP 750 Technical Specification

‣Technology: GPS
‣Display: 7-inch WVGA display (800 x 480 pixels)
‣Battery: None
‣Waypoints/favourites/locations: 3,000
‣Routes: 100
‣Track Log: 20,000 points, 50 saved tracks
‣Basemap: Worldwide
‣NMEA input/output: NMEA 0183 compatible and NMEA 2000 certified
‣Built-in memory: None (cannot load maps to internal memory)
‣SD card slot: Yes
‣Garmin radar compatible: Yes
‣Garmin sonar compatible: GPSMAP 750s only
‣Waterproof: Yes, IPX7
‣Dimensions: Width - 224mm, Height - 142mm, Depth - 79mm
‣Weight: 1.1kg
‣Guarantee: 1-year
Garmin GPSMAP 750 manual

Manual requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download a free copy here

This product is a sophisticated electronic device which requires that you read, understand, and act upon the information given in the instruction manual (usually available via the above 'manual' link). You will need internet access and, in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations, regularly seek out and accept all firmware or software updates offered by the manufacturer. All GPS devices need to ‘see’ the satellites in the sky. Therefore you will need to know that your vehicle does not have glass that will block or impede the GPS signal.

Updates to this product are via the internet. At this product page we state compatibility with specific versions of current internet connection devices, for example: PC, laptop, MAC, smartphone etc. The Consumer Contract Regulations allow you 14 days, from receipt of purchase, to check compatibility with your internet connection device/s. If you choose to replace or update your PC, MAC etc. neither we nor the manufacturer will be responsible if the new/replacement Operating System (OS) is not compatible with the purchased product.

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