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Garmin GB Discoverer maps - National Parks, Walks and Trails

Garmin introduced the GB Discoverer National Parks, Walks and Trails mapping in 2009 - using 2008 map data. Another batch of maps was issued for some areas in 2011 and later dates as required. Not all maps were given a second issue. The reason that these maps have not been frequently updated is that, by the very nature of the area represented, not a lot of housing and road development takes place (nor is it allowed to take place) in a National Park. You can therefore be confident that any version of these Discoverer maps will offer a true representation for the outdoor enthusiast.

View the current range of Garmin GB Discoverer Maps

GB Discoverer screen shots

GB Discoverer screen shots

In 2013 we were advised by our UK Garmin Distributor that Garmin would not be manufacturing any more of these GB Discoverer maps and it would therefore prove increasingly difficult to source stock in the future.

ActiveGPS purchased all remaining stock from our Garmin UK Distributor. Even so, we were unable to secure availability of the original full range of 42 different regions. As you will see there are already several areas that are completely sold out with no expectation of further stock. For other areas, at worst we have just one map in stock; at best we have no more than five in stock. When they are sold there will be no more. To avoid disappointment we suggest that you buy them while they are available. The original range included 42 different regions; as of 9th September 2015 we can currently offer 28 different regions but this number is continually reducing. Garmin still have stock of a much reduced range of 14 regions only.

Why do the selling prices vary?

We purchased many of these maps when the manufacturers' advised retail price was £129.99. We purchased another batch at a lower rate. Where possible we have retailed some maps at a lower price. This may explain why some sellers are selling at prices which may be higher or lower than ActiveGPS. If we are selling a map at £99.99 - £129.99 then this will certainly be a discontinued map of which we have perhaps just one or two in stock.

It is fair to say that if we had not purchased residual stock in 2013 you would not be able to choose from such a comprehensive range. We have checked our competitors' prices, particularly on eBay, and find that some are retailing these Discoverer maps at prices in excess of £130 - £200. Beware sellers displaying the micro/SD card without any packaging. All of our stock is genuine brand new sealed in a Garmin packet.

Until April 2018, Garmin had maintained a much reduced selection of 14 different GB Discoverer National Parks / Trails. On 14th May 2018 it was confirmed that these 14 maps were no longer available. We have residual stock of these maps. When they are gone, they are gone, there will be no more.

Many National Parks, Trails and Walks are permanently discontinued BUT we have still have limited stock of some of them. In January 2020 we are completely sold out of 'Isle of Skye', 'South West Coast Path' (North and South), 'Cotswolds', 'Cotswolds Way', 'Pennine Way', 'Offas Dyke', 'South Highlands', 'West Highland Way', 'Thames Path' and 'South Downs Way' – although the 'South Downs' are currently available combined with the 'New Forest'. Further areas will be sold out as time goes by.

Why would you want one of these Discoverer maps? Well, apart from the fact that this provides high resolution 1:25,000 scale OS mapping for your compatible Garmin device, it is a very convenient way to find your way around what may be a wild and sometimes desolate or forested area. Unlike a paper map, where you might not always know exactly where you are, the Discoverer map in your Garmin device will always show you precisely where you are on the map – plus you will be able to see where you have been (from the line displayed on the screen) and, if necessary, retrace your footsteps. You can zoom in to a high resolution AND each of these maps also provides OS mapping to a lesser scale for the WHOLE of GREAT BRITAIN and also street level mapping from NAVTEQ (now known as 'Here').

Garmin GB Discoverer National Park Map Coverage

Garmin GB Discoverer National Trail Map Coverage

Garmin GB Discoverer original 2009 publicity material:

Click on the above image to view high resolution version and read about the Discoverer maps along with the original list of National Parks and National Trails

View the current range of Garmin GB Discoverer Maps

Why buy from us?

We are official Authorised Internet Retailers for Garmin. We sell genuine Garmin products, accessories and maps. We purchase from assigned Garmin UK distributors. We do not buy on the grey market and we do not sell counterfeit products. You can rest assured that by purchasing from ActiveGPS you will receive the full support of Garmin.

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