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Garmin dezl 770LMT-D

Product Codes: GARD770N and GARD770B

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D truck sat nav is preloaded with Full European maps and Digital Traffic Information. The maps are free to update for the lifetime of the product and the traffic information is subscription free. There is a large 7 inch screen and the speaker has been enhanced for louder, clearer voice instructions.

The Garmin dezl 770LMT-D allows you to enter the profile of your truck and then the satnav will only route you along suitable roads for your vehicle. Points of interest specific for truckers such as truck stops, weigh stations, parking, lodging, WiFi connection hotspots and more are included. Multi-stops can also be entered in to the Garmin dezl 770LMT-D plus you can enter roads and cities you would like to drive include along your journey.



Garmin dezl 770LMT-D has been discontinued.

The replacement model is the Garmin dezl LGV710:

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The Garmin dezl 770LMT-D is a truck satnav that features a large 7-inch touchscreen so you will always have the perfect view of the screen when driving your lorry. Full maps of Europe are included and these are free to update for the lifetime of the product. Furthermore, lifetime traffic is included with the Garmin dezl 770LMT including possible detours to avoid traffic congestion all for no subscription fee. The dezl 770LMT-D will also display estimated arrival times.

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D is a premium truck sat nav designed for drivers of trucks, lorries, oversized vans and other large vehicles. As well as trucks it also has other vehicle modes - making the dezl 770LMT-D a perfect partner for caravanners, motorhoming and even car drivers too.

The Truck Profile feature enables you to enter the profile of your truck so you are routed along appropriate roads for your truck. Specifically, you can input the dimensions, weight and load type into the dezl 770 LMT-D. Another great feature is easy-switching between truck profiles by simply storing different profiles in the Garmin dezl 770 LMT-D. You will also receive road warnings for sharp curves, bridge heights, weight limits descents and inclines.

The Garmin dezl 770LMT-D includes Points of Interest relevant for truckers including truck stops, weigh stations, parking, lodging, WiFi connection hotspots and more. Further POI's include restaurants, shops, services, petrol stations and more.

The speaker on the Garmin dezl 770 LMT-D has been enhanced and is now louder meaning you will always hear the voice prompts. On screen information includes Garmin Real Directions such as navigation that features landmarks, buildings and traffic lights as a reference to where to turn. Furthermore Easy Route Shaping feature enables you to choose preferred roads and cities to include in your route.

Active Lane Guidance provides voice prompts and brightly coloured arrows to tell you which lane you should be in at each junction. Furthermore photoReal junction provides real-life junctions on-screen so you can see where you will be turning at complex road junctions. Additionally, Birds Eye junction photos display overhead views of junctions on the screen of the Garmin dezl 770 LMT-D.

You can program in 30 multi-stops along each journey. Plus you can enter 15 multiple journeys. These features make it easy for delivery drivers to find multiple locations whilst taking the shortest, most economical route.

You can use the Garmin dezl 770 LMT-D with your smartphone to make and receive calls by syncing the Garmin satnav with your mobile phone using Bluetooth. Hands-free calling is made possible using integrated microphone and speaker utilising the enhanced speaker volume. You can also make conference calls with the Garmin dezl 770 LMT-D. In addition the dezl 770 LMT-D is compatible with a Bluetooth headset to make and receive hands-free calls.

The clock on this GPS Garmin satnav changes automatically for different time zones and it includes sunset and sunrise times plus it will also identify country borders.

Premium content such as weather and safety cameras is available when the Garmin 770 is connected to a smartphone.

The Garmin dezl 770LMT-D is also compatible with the Wireless Backup Camera which is sold separately.

The Garmin dezl 770LMT-D, like all Garmin sat nav's, gets its speed camera data from the Cyclops speed camera database. The database provides advanced alerts to fixed, average speed, mobile, variable, temporary roadwork, red light and red light speed cameras. As you approach a camera, your device sounds an alert. Subscription charges apply. Click here to read more about the Cyclops speed trap database. Furthermore the Garmin dezl 770LMT-D has a speed limit indicator built in that will tell you on screen the speed limit for almost every major road across Europe and the US.

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D Car Sat Nav FAQs

Do you have a question about the Garmin dezl 770 that's not been answered on this webpage? Please see our sat nav FAQs for questions from other customers and visitors. Plus if the answer to your question isn't featured, use the online form to ask us for the answer. Alternatively please telephone 01733 777623 Monday to Friday (9:30am-5:00pm) to speak to one of our sales team.

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D Features

‣7-inch colour TFT touchscreen display
‣FREE lifetime street-level here mapping for the UK, Ireland, Western and Eastern Europe
‣Garmin DIGITAL Traffic via DAB - includes free subscription for the UK and mainland Europe
‣Truck data including low bridges, narrow roads and weight restrictions - truck coverage may vary country to country*
‣Turn-by-turn guidance with voice prompts
‣Trucker Points of Interest: Petrol stations, truck stops, weigh stations, WiFi connections and more.
‣Voice-activated navigation
‣Lifetime traffic updates via DAB network
‣Lane Assist
‣PhotoReal Junction View
‣Multiple truck profiles
‣Multiple routes (up to 15)
‣Auto sort multiple destinations (up to 30)
‣Speed limit indicator
‣Bluetooth wireless technology
‣Rechargeable Li-ion battery
‣Optional speed camera locations via Cyclops database
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee
‣3 Year manufacturers guarantee (Business version)

*Not available in all areas. Garmin advise that entering your truck's profile e.g. height, weight, length, etc does not guarantee your truck's characteristics will be accounted for in all route suggestions. Always defer to posted road signs and road conditions.


Garmin dezl 770LMT-D is powered via the supplied 12/24 volt vehicle power cable, the unit is then mounted on the windscreen via the supplied suction cup mount. Alternatively fix to the dashboard using the the supplied screw down mount for Fixed dashboard installation.

Charging the internal battery

We do not recommend using a third party charger with this product. A mobile phone USB charger or a laptop may not be powerful enough to reliably charge the Garmin dezl 770LMT-D and may provide an incorrect voltage or insufficient power. An official genuine Garmin AC charger is available for indoor use with this product you can view and buy here.

Please bear in mind that the product on this page is designed to be used in a vehicle with power provided by the included vehicle charger. The battery is for short term back up only - not for regular use. For optimum performance we recommend that you use this product connected to cigarette lighter adapter via the vehicle charger. Because of potential power surges which may damage the product you should not start your vehicle with the product connected.

Map Coverage

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D comes preloaded with detailed City Navigator street maps for Europe provided from map supplier 'here'. Rolling screen transition, accelerated map redraw and routing capabilities make screen zooming even smoother and ensure the navigation always matches your pace.

If you'd like to buy additonal maps for another region e.g. North America or Australia and New Zealand. These can be viewed and purchased via the dezl 770LMT map page.

What's in the box? (when purchased from

‣Garmin dezl 770LMT-D preloaded with European maps
‣Lifetime maps of Europe
‣Lifetime digital traffic receiver/vehicle power cable
‣Preloaded truck-specific POIs
‣Vehicle suction cup mount
‣Screw down mount for Fixed dashboard installation
‣USB cable
‣Product Documentation

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D Accessories

Looking for accessories and spares for the Garmin dezl 770? All parts are genuine Garmin product and specifically designed for use with the 7-inch dezl 770 truck sat nav.

View all Garmin dezl 770LMT-D accessories

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D Maps

Looking for sat nav maps for the Garmin dezl 770LMT-D? All mapping comes on microSD card with SD card adaptor and is a genuine Garmin product. Areas available to buy include: Southern Africa and Middle East and Northern Africa.

View all Garmin dezl 770LMT-D maps

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D Questions and Answers

Question: Garmin dezl truck sat nav 770LM.  Power cable, please could you advise of the correct cable and price?

Answer: There are three vehicle power cables that you could buy from:

1. Garmin dezl 770 Vehicle Power Cable - (vehicle power cable only - NO traffic information)

3. Garmin dezl 770 GTM 36 FM Traffic Receiver - (vehicle power cable with FM analogue traffic services)

All three vehicle power cables can be viewed and purchased on the Garmin dezl 770 Accessory webpage.

Question: I am after a traffic receiver cable for my truck sat nav, it is a Garmin dezl 770LM.

The label on the sat nav says it is simply an LM model, but when you search the S/N it shows up as a LMT-D however it doesn't have any traffic built in, so I am a bit lost.

Do you have anything that will work with this model?

Answer: The cable to purchase is the Garmin GTM 36 FM Traffic Receiver: this cable uses the FM radio frequency to receive live traffic updates.

You can also view all compatible accessories for your Garmin dezl 770LMT-D here.

Question: I have a Garmin dezi 770 lmt-d truck navigator. Do you do a hard case to fit this please? I have bought one from a company saying it will fit, but it is about half a inch to small. Also can you give me internal measurements please?

Answer: We do not sell a hard carrying case for the Garmin dezi 770 LMT-D truck. To our knowledge Garmin do not make one that is compatible with the 7-inch dezi 770. We only sell genuine Garmin accessories.

View/buy all genuine Garmin accessories for the Garmin dezi 770 LMT-D truck sat nav.

Question: I need a new power cable for a Garmin Dezl  770LM and I'm a little confused on whether I need a digital cable or FM?

Answer: the cable to buy is the Garmin dezl 770 GTM 36 FM Traffic Receiver.

Question: I have a garmin 770lmt satnav. Can you please tell me the difference in my satnav and snooper bus and coach satnav. I'm a tour coach driver.

Answer: I'm presuming you have the Garmin dezl 770LMT designed for trucks? As there is also a nuvi 770LMT designed for cars.

The main and only real difference is that the Snooper bus and coach models include POI (Point Of Interest) information specific to a coach/bus driver. The Garmin dezl and Snooper Truckmate model include a POI (Point Of Interest) database for truck drivers. View the Snooper bus and coach models.

Question: I have the just bought the Gamin dezl 770 LMT-D and am unsure which voltage input it takes. My truck only has 24 volt socket so, do I need to buy a dropper to bring it down to 12 volts? Also I can't seem to find a case to fit it anywhere.

Answer: With regards the vehicle power cable, I would recommend that you look closely at the cable that was supplied with your purchase. The cable we sell and which comes with Gamin dezl 770LMT-D that we sell says "Input 10-24V".

As for a carrying case, this can be purchased online here.

The full range of genuine Garmin accessories for the Gamin dezl 770LMT-D can be viewed and purchased online here.

Question: I have bought my son a Garmin Dezi 770LMTD lorry sat nav he is most impressed with this but now requires a camera can you advise which one is the best to go with this sat nav.

Answer: I'm assuming he requires a reversing camera, rather than a dashboard camera or speed camera database?

The genuine Garmin reversing camera for the dezl 770LMT-D is the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Reversing Camera.

You can also view all accessories for the Garmin dezl 770LMT-D via by clicking here.

Question: I'm hoping that you can help with a query I have. I own a Garmin 770 LMT. In the box was a small lead with an audio-size jack plug on one end and a small black square box on the other end. Attached to this are two small suction cups for, I'd imagine, windscreen mounting the cable. So what exactly is this mysterious cable?

Answer: The cable is used for boasting the traffic reception when connected to the GTM 36 traffic receives.

The cable is called the Garmin GTM 36 External Antenna Cable and is pictured right.

You can view the accessory (fifth accessory down) on the Garmin dezl 770LMT accessory webpage.

Do you have a question about the Garmin dezl 770? Submit your question via our contact page.

Garmin dezl 770LMT-D Technical Specification

‣Technology: GPS
‣Display: 7-inch colour TFT with white backlight
‣Power: 12-24 volt, cigarette lighter
‣Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion
‣Installation: Plug and play
‣Dimensions: Width - 198mm, Height - 121mm, Depth - 25mm
‣Weight: 438g
‣Guarantee: 2-year
Garmin dezl 770LMT-D manual

Manual requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download a free copy here

This product is a sophisticated electronic device which requires that you read, understand, and act upon the information given in the instruction manual (usually available via the above 'manual' link). You will need internet access and, in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations, regularly seek out and accept all firmware or software updates offered by the manufacturer. All GPS devices need to ‘see’ the satellites in the sky. Therefore you will need to know that your vehicle does not have glass that will block or impede the GPS signal.

Updates to this product are via the internet. At this product page we state compatibility with specific versions of current internet connection devices, for example: PC, laptop, MAC, smartphone etc. The Consumer Contract Regulations allow you 14 days, from receipt of purchase, to check compatibility with your internet connection device/s. If you choose to replace or update your PC, MAC etc. neither we nor the manufacturer will be responsible if the new/replacement Operating System (OS) is not compatible with the purchased product.

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