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Garmin HRM-Dual

Product Code: GARHRMD

When paired with a compatible Garmin cycling or wrist mounted device this premium heart rate monitor enables you to monitor your heart rate whilst you are training, working out or doing any sporting activity such as cycling, skiing, running, etc.

The Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Dual is designed to be worn around your chest during activity. When worn the HRM Dual will wirelessly transmit data heart rate data real-time via either ANT+ or Bluetooth connectivity. The HRM Dual transmit up to a 3 metre radius to a compatible Garmin device so you can monitor your heart rate.

Garmin part number: 010-12883-00

Compatibility: Compatible with selected Garmin devices including models within the following Garmin ranges; Garmin Approach, Garmin D2, Garmin Descent, Garmin Edge, Garmin Enduro, Garmin epix, Garmin eTrex, Garmin fenix, Garmin Forerunner, Garmin Foretrex, Garmin GPSMAP, Garmin Legacy, Garmin MARQ, Garmin Montana, Garmin Oregon, Garmin quatix, Garmin tactix, Garmin Venu, Garmin vivoactive and Garmin vivosmart. View the compatibility list of Garmin products or scroll down to compatibility list.


Garmin HRM Dual - £59.99


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Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Dual - ANT+ and Bluetooth

You can pair the heart rate monitor to your compatible Garmin device using either Bluetooth technology or ANT+ connectivity. You can train indoors, outdoors and also online using the low energy technology. Wth direct access on your familar device you will have access to your real-time heart rate information in the gym or wherever you are. The provided soft strap is comfortable and adjustable. The battery lasts up to 3.5 years and you can wash the strap too, if you simply remove the heart rate module.

The heart rate monitor dual is a comfortable waist strap that wirelessly sends heart rate information to compatible Garmin devices whilst you are exercising. This information can then be viewed on the screen of your Garmin unit and downloaded to your PC*.

*Depending on the features and specifications of the Garmin device that you are using the heart rate monitor with.

Using Bluetooth the heart rate monitor dual wirelessly connects with various Garmin wrist mounted devices including models from the Garmin Forerunner series - please see full compatibility list or scroll down the page.

Please note: Although the heart rate monitor is waterproof to 10 metres (1 ATM of pressure and it WILL NOT monitor your heart rate while swimming.

Connecting and using the HRM Dual

Pairing your compatible Garmin device with the HRM Dual is easy and after pairing for the first time, it will then subsequently connect automatically.

The heart rate monitor Dual will operate within a 3 metre range from the Garmin device that you've paired it with.

The heart rate monitor Dual consists of two parts which consists of the soft strap and heart rate module.

Caring for your heart rate monitor Dual

When using the heart rate monitor dual it may build up with sweat and salt stopping it from functioning properly making heart rate readings inaccurate. For this reason the strap can be removed from the heart rate monitor and it is recommended that you rinse the strap in water after every use. Garmin recommend the strap should be washed after every 7 uses. However the strap should not be put in to a tumble dryer.

Using the HRM Dual with other devices/fitness equipment

As well as pairing the HRM Dual with a compatible Garmin device, you can also pair the heart rate monitor dual to your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or fitness equipment using Bluetooth technology or ANT+ connectivity. You can also connect the Garmin heart rate monitor to some fitness equipment. Look out for the "ANT+ Link Here" logo on compatible equipment. When using with other devices and equipment the operating range of the heart rate monitor is 3 metres. Please note: Although the HRM Dual is water resistant to 10 metres the heart rate monitor will not operate while swimming.

The battery life is approximately 3.5 years based on a usage of 1 hour per day.

IMPORTANT: If used/worn for an extended period of time, the heart rate monitor may cause chafing.

Optional Garmin Edge Cycle Maps on SD card (selected Garmin Edge models)

If you'd like to add either UK and European or North American cycle maps to your compatible Garmin Edge device you can do just that by buying and installing either Garmin Europe Cycle map or Garmin North America Cycle map on SD/microSD card.

Once installed the SD/microSD card enables you to select cycling, tour cycling or mountain biking options and then select the appropriate route for the type of cycling you do, taking you on paved roads, unpaved roads, or on paths and trails.

IMPORTANT: A number of Garmin Edge models e.g. Garmin Edge 1040 DO NOT feature an SD/microSD card slot. All of the genuine Garmin maps we sell are supplied on pre-programmed microSD/SD card, therefore the maps we sell are not compatible with these Garmin Edge models. We strongly recommend that you check your Garmin Edge device has a microSD/SD card slot prior to ordering a microSD/SD card from ActiveGPS.

European countries included on Garmin Europe Cycle map are: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kaliningrad (Russia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukrainen and Switzerland. View the Garmin Europe Cycle map webpage for more information.

North American countries included on the Garmin North America Cycle map are: USA, Canada, Mexico and other Central American countries. View the Garmin North America Cycle map webpage for more information.

Key Features

‣Suitable for all sporting activities (biking, skiing, running, etc.)
‣Compatible with Garmin devices and also ANT+ and Bluetooth devices
‣Soft strap is comfortable and adjustable
‣Worn around the chest
‣Front - flexible plastic. Rear - soft fabric adjustable to your size.
‣Has a range of 3 metres (devices must be within 3 metres of HRM)
‣Monitor your heart rate - sends wirelessly to a compatible device
‣Waterproof to 10 metres (please note: will not operate whilst swimming)
‣Also connects to some fitness equipment (look out for ANT+ Link Here logo)
‣3.5 year battery life

What's in the box?

‣Heart Rate Monitor Dual

What is the Garmin heart rate monitor (HRM) Dual compatible with?

The genuine Garmin heart rate monitor (HRM) Dual is compatible with the following Garmin handheld, cycling and wrist mounted devices:

Garmin Approach S60, S62, S70 42mm, S70 47mm, D2 Air, D2 Air X10, D2 Delta, D2 Delta PX, D2 Delta S, D2 Mach 1, D2 Mach 1 Pro, Descent G1, G1 Solar, Mk1, Mk2, Mk2i, Mk2S, Mk3 43mm, Mk3i 43mm, Mk3i 51mm, Edge 25, 130, 130 Plus, 500, 510, 520, 520 Plus, 530, 540, 540 Solar, 800, 810, 820, 830, 840, 840 Solar, 1000, 1030 Plus, 1040, 1040 Solar, 1030 Plus, Explore, Explore 2, Explore 820, Explore 1000, Touring Plus, Enduro, Enduro 2, epix (Gen 2) 42mm, epix (Gen 2) 47mm, epix (Gen 2) 51mm, eTrex 30x, 32x, Touch 35, fenix 3, fenix 3 Sapphire, fenix 5, fenix 5 Plus, fenix 5S, fenix 5S Plus, fenix 5X, fenix 5X Plus, fenix 6, fenix 6 Pro Solar, fenix 6S Pro and Sapphire, fenix 6 Solar, fenix 6S, fenix 6S Pro and Sapphire, fenix 6S Solar, fenix 6S Pro Solar, fenix 6X, fenix 6X Sapphire Solar, fenix 7, fenix 7 Pro, fenix 7S, fenix 7S Sapphire Solar, fenix 7S Solar, fenix 7S Pro Sapphire Solar, fenix 7S Pro Solar, fenix 7X Sapphire Solar, fenix 7X Solar, fenix 7X Pro Sapphire Solar, fenix 7X Pro Solar, fenix Chronos, Forerunner 55, 245, 255, 255S, 265, 265S, 620, 630, 645, 735XT, 745, 920XT, 935, 945, 955, 955 Solar, 965, Foretrex 601, 701 Ballistic Edition, 801, 901 Ballistic Edition, GPSMAP 64s, 64st, 64sx, 65, 65s, 66i, 66s, 66sr, 66st, 67, 67i, 276Cx, Instinct, Instinct 2, Instinct 2 Solar, Instinct 2S, Instinct 2S Solar, Instinct 2x, Instinct Crossover, Instinct Crossover Solar, Instinct Solar, MARQ Adventurer, Adventurer (Gen 2), Athlete, Athlete (Gen 2), Aviator, Athlete (Gen 2), Captain, Captain (Gen 2), Commander, Commander (Gen 2), Driver, Golfer, Golfer (Gen 2), Montana 610, 650, 680, 680t, Oregon 700, 750, 750t, Swim 2, tactix Bravo, Charlie, Delta Sapphire, Delta Solar, quatix 3, 5, 5 Sapphire, 6, 6 Titanium, 6X Solar, 7, 7 Sapphire, 7S Solar, 7 Pro, 7 Pro Ballistics, 7X Solar, Venu 2, 2 Plus, 2S, 3, 3S, Sq 2, VIRB 360, Ulta 30, X, XE, vivoactive 5.

Garmin HRM Dual Technical Specification

‣Module: 62 mm x 34 mm x 11 mm
‣Strap Length: 63.5 cm to 132 cm
‣Weight: 54.4 g
‣Water Resistance: 1 ATM*
‣Battery: User-replaceable size CR2032 (3 volts)
‣Battery Life: Approximately 3.5 years (based on average use of 1 hour per day)
‣Operating Temperature: -5°C - 50°C
‣Radio Frequency/Protocol: 2.4 GHz ANT wireless communications protocol; BLUETOOTH Wireless Technology 5.0
‣Range: 3metres
‣System Compatibility: ANT+, BLUETOOTH

*The Garmin HRM Dual does not transmit heart rate data to your device while swimming.

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