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Snooper Product Firmware Update

Snooper have confirmed to us that their product range in respect to speed camera alerts has been modified following a firmware update.

The change effects devices that alert to speed camera locations via the AURA database.

This most adversly effects the 'Logic Modes' found within some device menus. Logic modes enabled the user to select between three different modes and receive the following:

Logic Mode 1 - alerts to fixed cameras on both sides of the road.
Logic Mode 2 - alerts to fixed cameras on your side of the carriageway only.
Logic Mode 3 - hard alert to fixed cameras on your side of the carriageway and a soft alert to fixed cameras on the opposite side of the carriageway.

Following the latest firmware update, ALL devices will now only operate in Logic Mode 1.

Please note: New devices leaving the manufacturer are already supplied with the new firmware. If you already own a Snooper detector/sat nav which uses Logic Modes, your unit will continue to function as normal/supplied, until you perform a firmware update.

To read more about this and other changes in this firmware update, please read the official statment from Snooper (Performance Products Ltd) below.

This is Snooper's (Performance Products Ltd) official statement:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the safety camera alert pattern following your firmware update.

At Performance Products Limited, we constantly strive to improve our products based on comprehensive research and development, market conditions and feedback from our extensive customer base.

Following such feedback, we have recently updated the way in which our portable GPS navigation and safety camera location devices alert to the presence of the different types of safety camera and risk zones. We try and accommodate individual’s preferences where possible, but I hope you’ll understand that ultimately we have to design our products that will appeal to the broadest market.

Highlighted below are some of the most common remarks and the action taken;

“Too many beeps become annoying” - Simplified the alert tones and frequency
“Too much information on the screen” - Removed camera detail and countdown
“Missed a camera on the other side of the road” - Simplified alert to cameras on both carriageways
“Alerts too soon” - Adjustments to speed sensitive alert pattern

It has never been our intention to encourage drivers to speed but to provide them with sufficient information to facilitate driving within the confines of the Law and allowing them to concentrate on the road and conditions as opposed to looking for safety cameras.

The majority of our users have commented positively and new users appreciate the simplicity and remark how much better the quality of data is compared to competitor products. The AURA safety camera database is unique to Snooper products and is the most comprehensive database of its kind, updated daily and now providing global coverage.

We continue to monitor comments and feedback from our customers, whilst providing continuous product improvement.

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