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Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT Review - Questions and Answers

The Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT is a leading speed camera detector and it is the only speed camera detector available to buy that include GPS, radar and laser technology. Bluetooth technology also allow you to update the speed camera database on the road, eliminating the need for connecting to a computer so you will never need to disconnect and remove the Snooper 4Zero Elite BT from your vehicle. Scroll down to read questions and answers sent to us by customers. If you have your own question about the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT. that has not already asked, please submit your question via our contact page.

Question: The instructions suggest you have the X band and KA band turned off. What do these bands detect and why don't you need them?

Answer: X, K and Ka bands are all the varying Radar signals that the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT can detect.

The Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT can alert to X, K and Ka bands. Page 11 of manual confirms that within certain modes e.g. CITY mode you can change the alerts.

You can read more about radar and laser alerts on page 12 and page 13 of the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT manual.

The Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT speed camera detector is designed for use around the world. In the United Kingdom, X and Ka bands see very little use, hence why the manufacturer recommends that in the UK recommends turning these bands off. K bands are used in all fixed Gatso speed cameras and radar handheld speed guns in the UK.

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Question: Can the Snooper 4 ZERO Elite BT with Free camera updates be combined or wired in with a visual display e.g. the one in my car (Range Rover Evoque) so that the information provided by the Snooper appears on the screen?

Answer: The Snooper 4 ZERO Elite BT is a standalone device and cannot be in conjunction with any other device, either to provide sound or visuals.

You will need to mount the Snooper 4 ZERO Elite BT unit in your vehicle where you can see the screen or at least hear the audio alerts and where the Snooper 4 ZERO Elite BT can receive at least three orbiting satellites to  maintain a GPS lock and provide alerts via the subscription free GPS speed camera database.

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Question: Can the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT be powered using a USB cable connected to a cigarette lighter charger/power source, or does it need to be plugged directly into a lighter connection?

Answer: The Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT needs to be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket. Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT speed camera detectors purchased from ActiveGPS include a cigarette lighter lighter power cable in the box.

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Question: I'm interested in the 4 zero Elite BT. I'm assuming the power is from the lighter socket via mini usb cable. The car already has a hard wired dash cam (Nextbase) and wondered if the snooper could be powered from the same cable via a usb cable splitter.

Alternatively could a power bank type charger be used to power the snooper. I'm just trying to avoid using a cable from the lighter socket to the windscreen or dash.

Answer: The Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT does not accept its power via a mini USB connection. Instead it requires a unique round pin connection (supplied in the box, when you purchase from

Power is also via a vehicle cigarette socket or via a hardwire cable (again supplied when you purchase from If you require a multi-way cigarette socket adaptor we sell a 3-way and 4-way on the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT accessory page.

Ring 12v 3-way Multi-Socket priced at £10.99
Ring 12v 4-way Multi-Socket priced at £12.99

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Question: How accurate is the speedometer on the snooper 4zero elite bt?

Answer: The speedometer on the Snooper 4zero Elite BT uses GPS satellites to provide a speed readout, this is more accurate than any vehicle using a conventional speedometer - which depending upon tyre pressure can be out by as much as 10%. GPS speedometers provide better readings at constant or higher speeds. When driving off from a stationary position the speedometer may be a few mph out, before the GPS satellite catch up with your precise location. Most GPS devices have an accuracy of 3 metres.

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Question: How to change the minutes on my snooper elite 4 bt?

Answer: If you refer page 14 of the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT manual (13. Clock). You will see that the clock is automatically set by the GPS satellites to GMT. You can then +9 or -9 the hours to suit BST or another time zone around the world. You cannot change the time/hour/minutes manually.

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Question: If ordered would I be able to receive the new Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT this month?

Answer: I'm afraid we've been waiting for stock since February, and the manufacturer cannot give us a date when stock will be available. We understand there are production issues causing the continued delay. We cannot specify an expected delivery date. We can email you when the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT comes into stock. If you would like us to do so, please reply to this email and we'll add you to our list of customers waiting for stock.

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Question: I'm interested in the Snooper 4zero Elite BT but have just bought a Ford Kuga with heated wind screen. Does the heated screen affect the performance?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have a list of vehicles windscreens that the devices we sell e.g. Snooper 4zero Elite BT will work with and won't work with.

The Snooper 4zero Elite BT relies on ability to receive three forms of technology:

1. radar signal
2. laser signal
3. GPS signal

I would suggest you put your question to your local Ford dealership for a definitive answer.

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Question: Does the Snooper 4Zero Elite BT show the speed for the road similar to the Road Angel and most Garmin Sat Navs, i.e. can it warn when exceeding the speed limit in areas without cameras?

Answer: No, the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT will only provide the road speed limit at speed camera locations via the updatable GPS database.

The only speed camera detector from Snooper which includes road speed limits as well as an updatable GPS speed camera database is the Snooper MY-SPEED XL.

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Question: Can you give more details of the Bluetooth functionality? I assume this will connect to my vehicle? Will this mean speed camera alerts will be via the speakers of my car? I am struggling to imagine what the benefits are of the Snooper 4ZERO Elite having Bluetooth functionality? I would be happy to hear more details of the functionality.

Answer: The Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT (Bluetooth) functionality is for downloading the speed camera database locations whilst on the go. The discontinued, previous model did not have this feature and instead required you to download using a Windows or Mac computer.

You can still download the database using a Windows or Mac computer if you prefer.

The Bluetooth connectivity works with your smartphone, but you will need data roaming access which may be charged by your smartphone network provider.

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Question: Does the Snooper 4ZERO Elite bt come preloaded so I don't have to use a computer? Also is this unit as good as the road angel pure.

Answer: No, there is no preloaded database. Above on this webpage we advise:

”To gain access the Snooper AURA speed camera database you must register the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT with the manufacturer and download the database before first use. We also suggest that you subsequently update at least once a week to ensure you are driving with the latest speed camera database.”


”To gain access to the free speed camera database, you must first register the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT with the manufacturer. In addition a compatible internet enabled Windows/MAC PC or Bluetooth enabled device with data is required to perform the initial download and subsequent updates.”

We have had no experience of the Road Angel Pure and therefore cannot compare it with the Snooper product.

Do you have a question about the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT? Submit your question via our contact page.

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