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Navman Sat Nav Maps

Looking for Navman sat nav mapping for Europe, USA and Canada or another country? We stock a selection of genuine, hard to find, discontinued Navman maps and mapping updates on DVD, CD and SD card. We also have Navman Map Product Keys, also known as Map Unlock Codes.

To read more about which maps are compatible with different Navman devices click here or scroll down the page past the Navman product images.

To find the right maps for your Navman sat nav simply either click on your Navman series range e.g. Navman F-Series maps on the list to the left or scroll down to find it below.

All of the Navman maps available from ActiveGPS are genuine Navman maps. We offer a guaranteed next day delivery option for the UK (before 10:30am and 5:30pm) as well as economy/standard delivery options, starting from £3.99. We deliver to Europe and the rest of the world starting at £14.99.

If it's an accessory you require instead or as well, these can be found via the following link Navman accessories.

Navman S series maps

Find and buy sat nav maps for your Navman S-series model e.g. Navman S70, by clicking here.

Navman N series maps

Find and buy sat nav maps for your Navman N-series model e.g. Navman N20, here.

Navman F series maps

Find and buy sat nav maps for your Navman F-series model e.g. Navman F20, by clicking here.

Navman iCN 700 series maps

Find and buy sat nav maps for your Navman iCN 720/750 sat nav here.

Navman iCN 500 series maps

Find and buy sat nav maps for your Navman iCN 500 sat nav model by clicking here.

Navman iCN 300 series maps

Find and buy sat nav maps for your Navman iCN 310, 320 or 330 sat nav here.

Navman Maps on CD/DVD/Map Unlock Codes

Navman Map Product Keys, also known as Map Unlock Codes.

Do you already have a Navman CD or DVD with mapping for Europe, North America (USA and Canada), or Australia - but can't unlock the maps? Do you want to use the same maps with an identical replacement Navman? We have the genuine codes/keys to unlock these maps. We also have the following maps, complete with unlock codes/map product keys:

Navman N20, N40i, N60i: Australia only (2007 data - 8 in stock).

Find your Navman N-series model here.

Navman iCN 700, 720, 750: Western Europe (2007 data - 36 in stock), North America - USA/Canada - (2007 data - 22 in stock), Australia (2007 data - 11 in stock). Find your Navman iCN 700-series model here.

The above products are sold as sealed CD/DVD cases containing disc + unlock key/code.

Navman F10, Navman S30, S50, S70, S90i: Western Europe, North America (USA/Canada), Australia. Mapping for these products is sold as a sealed Connectivity Kit (Navdesk 2008 with 2007 global map data) complete with USB cable plus disc (43 in stock). We will include a valid Navman unlock code/map product key for the requested region. The same Connectivity Kit is also available separately but WITHOUT any unlock key/code. Find your Navman F10/S-series model here.

We also have a very limited quantity of Connectivity Kits with disc and USB cable specifically for the Navman F15 and F25 only.

For other Navman devices we have the following maps on SD card which do not need an activation unlock key/code:

Navman F20, F30, F40, F50: Western Europe, North America (USA & Canada) - all 2008 map data. Find your Navman F-series model here.

Navman iCN 300, 310, 320, 330: Canada, Nordics: Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland - all 2006 map data. Find your Navman iCN 300-series model here.

Navman iCN 510, 520: Nordics: Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland - 2004/5 map data. Find your Navman iCN 500-series model here.

All maps and codes are genuine as supplied by Navman and were checked for validity with MIO/Navman in November 2014. The Navman server will authorise the use of a map if you enter a genuine and unused unlock code/map product key. The code/key can only be used with one Navman device. The unlock code/key effectively 'marries' your Navman sat nav serial number to the activated map. You cannot use the same code for multiple maps on different Navman products. We cannot take back or refund any opened map products. We cannot refund any activated/used Navman unlock code/map product keys. If you have a problem with a Navman unlock code/map product key we will need to contact Navman/MIO to confirm whether you have successfully activated unlock codes/map product keys via their server.

The above is a comprehensive list of the maps (along with stock quantities) which we have as of 10th December 2014. No new maps have been issued for any of the above devices for at least 6 - 9 years, depending upon model number. We do not have mapping for any other Navman product. We do not have any Navman 2016 or 2017 maps.

Navman maps for the Navman iCN 600 series have been discontinued and are no longer available from ActiveGPS. Accessories are though available here.

Not sure which Navman sat nav you have? Simply e-mail us, or use the online form on our contact us page and provide us with the unit's model, part and serial number normally located on the underside of your Navman device. We'll then reply with the relevant webpage of available maps for you to browse.

Page last updated: 1st January 2017


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