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Snooper Truckmate

Snooper celebrate seven years of their award-winning Snooper Truckmate sat nav range this year. First launched in 2007 and working in conjunction with trucking industry experts and the feedback of tens of thousands of truck drivers Snooper have produced the most comprehensive truck sat nav system available for use on UK and European roads and the data that drives the Truckmate database just keeps advancing!

All Snooper Truckmate sat navs utilise Here transport data at their core, but Truckmate is further enhanced with 1000's more attributes and POI's providing protection from hazards.

View the current range of Snooper truck sat nav or compare the complete truck/HGV sat nav range.

Lorry stuck under a bridge in Botley Road, Romsey - avoid this happening to you, with a truck sat nav.

Truck Specific Routing

Snooper Truckmate can be programmed with the following truck profiles:

‣Height - Feet and Inches or Metres
‣Weight - Ton
‣Length - Feet and Inches or Metres
‣Width - Feet and Inches or Metres
‣Weight per axle - Ton

Other fields include truck type (truck, trailer, delivery, public) and load type (none, hazardous, explosive and flammable, harmful for water). Once this information is input, the Snooper Truckmate will calculate a route based on your vehicle type, size and load. It will make sure your journey avoids low bridges and narrow roads etc.

As well as routing you safely and effectively to your destination, Snooper Truckmate will also guide you along the most economical route. For example, faced with a choice of a route using a steep incline or one with more straightforward flat roads, Snooper Truckmate will select the latter resulting in improved fuel consumption and cost effectiveness.

The map diagram to the right shows this in action.

Red 'car' route:

The red route is the normal car route with a low bridge.

Blue 'truck' route:

The blue route is the truck friendly route avoiding the low 4.4m height restriction bridge under the railway line.

Snooper Truckmate will save you money!

Research has shown that Truckmate userswill save money over time. By using Snooper satellite navigation to find the shortest or most economical route you will save 16% fewer miles driven on each journey and thus also a 16% saving in fuel expenses making this Snooper Truckmate pay for itself.

Car Satellite Navigation

Although Snooper Truckmate has obviously been designed to navigate when driving a truck it also has a car setting. Simply switch the Snooper Truckmate to car sat nav mode and it will navigate you on the most effective routes for your car instead!

Snooper Truckmate Additional Features

Routing around low bridges, narrow roads, etc is just the tip of iceberg for the Snooper Truckmate range. All Snooper truck sat navs also share the following common features:

Junction view

View the road junction on screen. Includes road signs in advance so you can understand where to go next safely whilst concentrating on the road ahead.

Unique Lane Guidance

Receive warnings in advance of what lane you need to be in.

My Speed

Road speed limits for almost every road in Europe can be displayed on screen. It can also be set to alert you when you exceed the speed limit of the road.

Speed Cameras

Get warnings to speed cameras in the UK and Europe with your Truckmate via the AURA camera database. This includes alerts to mobile, fixed and average speed cameras.

Multi-route technology

Enter up to 16 different destinations and the Truck mate will calculate the shortest route making your journey more efficient and cost-effective, saving you time and money.

Navigate by Junction number

Enter motorway junction numbers to get navigation to and via these junction numbers.

Your Route

You can tailor your route by adding roads you would like to include in your journey.

Point of interest 'corridor' search

When the Truckmate has calculated the route, you can search for points of interest along you route, so you can plan to stop at certain places and refill on petrol at a specific location too.

User controlled adjustable map text

Enlarge the size of text on the screen of the Truckmate making it easier to see what road numbers you will be traveling along.

Route timer

You can set a timer to alert you when it is time to take a break from driving. This helps keep you safe along your journey.

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