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Garmin GTM 35 Traffic Receiver

Product Code: GART35

Add or replace the traffic capabilities of your compatible Garmin nuvi or zumo automotive sat nav by buying the GTM 35 traffic receiver from ActiveGPS.

The two in one GTM 35 traffic receiver with vehicle power cable provides power to your sat nav whilst at the same time advising you of traffic jams, congestion and roadwork's that lie in the road ahead.

The Garmin GTM 35 Traffic Receiver has been discontinued and superseded by the GTM 36 FM Traffic Receiver.

Compatibility: Compatible with selected Garmin nuvi and zumo models, to view the full compatibility list click here.

Garmin GTM 35 Traffic Receiver has been discontinued.

The replacement model is the GTM 36. To buy the replacement traffic receiver from ActiveGPS.co.uk click here.

Garmin GTM 35 Traffic Receiver

Receive live traffic updates and routing around congestion saving you time and money waiting in traffic jams with the GTM 35 traffic receiver.

The GTM 35 is designed for in-car use and includes a cigarette lighter connection on one end. This pushes into your vehicles cigarette lighter power outlet and also powers your Garmin sat nav too.

Once connected to your compatible Garmin nuvi or zumo series sat nav, the GTM 35's internal FM antenna receives the regular RDS (Radio Data System) signal and relays relevant traffic information to the screen of your sat nav, thus giving you advance warning and enabling you to simply re-route around the congestion. If the FM signal is weak simply plug in the external antenna which is included with every GTM 35 purchased from ActiveGPS. If you lose this external antenna or need another one for a second vehicle you can buy the antenna here.

The GTM 35 that we sell includes lifetime traffic data subscription services for the UK and Europe. If you plan to use your Garmin sat nav and the GTM 35 in North America (USA and Canada), then you will need to buy a separate traffic subscription from Garmin for use in those countries. A subscription to an additional world region will then be linked to the serial number of your GTM 35 - you do NOT need to purchase a second GTM 35.

Please note: If you just require a vehicle power cable to power your Garmin WITHOUT traffic information please find your Garmin model accessory page and simply buy the vehicle power cable only. Find your model here.

What's the difference between the GTM 25, GTM 35 and GTM 36 FM Traffic Receivers?

For all intents and purposes the GTM 25, the GTM 35 and the GTM 36 are the same - providing identical traffic services (as confirmed with Garmin Dealer Technical Support in August 2014). Each time Garmin make a new batch they redesignate with a different number. The GTM 25 was originally made for the nuvi 1200, 1300 and 1400 series but was forwards and backwards compatible with earlier and later models. The GTM 36 are supplied in Garmin retail packaging.

Pictured above: The GTM 35 traffic receiver includes vehicle power cable with internal FM antenna all built into the one cable. A separate and genuine Garmin external antenna is also included - pictured right.

Beware other sellers who may be selling the GTM 35 bundled with a non UK subscription. The GTM 35 is available in other world territories BUT with a different lifetime subscription. Buy the wrong GTM 35 and you could be faced with buying a separate subscription for the UK from Garmin (at approximately £30.00). ActiveGPS can guarantee that you won't face this problem as we ONLY sell the correct genuine UK & Europe GTM 35 with nothing else to pay for that region.

Key Features

‣TMC FM-band RDS traffic receiver
‣Includes UK and European coverage
‣Includes vehicle power cable
‣Provides real-time traffic information
‣View real-time traffic build up
‣Lifetime traffic data - no monthly or yearly renewal fees
‣No Bluetooth or GPRS connection required
‣Genuine Garmin Accessory

What's in the box?

‣GTM 35 traffic receiver with vehicle power cable
‣External antenna with suction cups
Instruction manual

What is the GTM 35 traffic receiver compatible with?

The genuine Garmin GTM 35 is compatible with the following Garmin automotive products:

Garmin nuvi 205, 215, 245, 255, 265, 270, 275, 465, 550, 1200, 1210, 1240, 1300, 1310, 1340, 1350, 1370, 1390, 1410, 1440, 1450, 1490, 2200, 2240, 2300, 2310, 2340, 2350, 2360, 2440, 2415, 2445, 2455, 2460, 2475, 2495, 2515, 2545, 2585, 2595, 2797, 3490, 3540, 3590, 3597, 3598, 3710, 3760, 3790, dezl 560, zumo 220, 340, 345, 350, 390, 395.

Please note: Many Garmin nuvi models end in T e.g. nuvi 3760T, the T stands for Traffic which was how the sat nav was originally supplied - with the GTM 35 traffic receiver.

Therefore when assessing whether the GTM 35 is compatible with your Garmin sat nav, please just look at the model number minus the letter(s) at the end. For example the nuvi 2445, 2445T, 2445LT and 2445LMT are effectively covered above by 'nuvi 2445'. For futher help please contact us with your specific Garmin model number and we'll confirm whether the GTM 35 is compatible.

However, if you don't want the expense of the GTM 35 and you don't need the traffic information, Garmin do make an in car charger specifically for your nuvi or zumo but which doesn't have the inbuilt traffic receiver. This is approximately £30.00 cheaper - but you will lose the traffic facility.

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Alternatively if you have a question about the GTM 35 traffic receiver our contact page is the place to go to ask us a question.

Why buy from us?

We are official Internet Retailers of Garmin products and we sell genuine Garmin accessories and maps. We purchase from the Garmin UK distributor. We do not buy on the grey market and we do not sell counterfeit products. You can rest assured that by purchasing from ActiveGPS you will receive the full support of Garmin.

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